Activities for 2 year olds

Activities for 2 year olds
Activities for 2 year olds 

Activities for 2 year olds must suit with children at this age, they are at the beginning of their mental developing, they are curious, full of energy, want to discover everything they face! And at the same time they start to want some independence of their parents, because they want to use their skills and their parents keep preventing them!
Being active by always practicing Activities for 2 year olds is one of the most important jobs for us to produce to them! As they are growing up they need short parts and turns of activities along the day, for 3 hours dividing into 5-15 minutes for every time.

It is our responsibility to understand the importance of Activities for 2 year olds. and choosing the suitable ones for them, and not to forget that they are very brave at this age and don't distinguish danger at the same time! so keeping them within our sight is essential at all times.

Activities for 2 year olds should consist instructions of two or three-step directions; grouping and sorting objects are very important for mental developing, and imagine play to encourage their imagination. The role of play in child development is essential. Activities will develop both their mental and motor skills at the same time with fun.
We can always provide our children online activities for 2 year olds, but yet, every child must practice some physic activities for voiding his huge energy.

Activities for 2 year olds 

We are going to put some headlines, you can always create! that's will be even easier if you let your child's imagination to help you!

   1- Matching: by several means!

            - You can get colored cards, and bring his tiny toys up, cars, colored pencils, blocks….etc. put the cards in a line, then let's match every object with its color! This will stimulate his mind to know more about colors, this game is one of the simple and loved activities for 2 year olds.

           - Instead of that, we can bring up all the socks in the house (make sure they smell good), then sit with your toddler to match every single one with its pair! This will be very fun for him, he will be able to find socks when it get lost next time.

           - How about bringing some animals pictures, to match it with our animals toys. This will be more fun if we named it: "Max the elephant is looking for his picture, can you help him finding it?"

   2- Grouping: it's the favorite:

          - Let's put the small cars here and the big ones there.

          - The yellow blocks in this circle and the blue ones in that.

          - The dolls with dresses at the couch and the ones with tee-shirts at the bed.

          - This will help a lot in cleaning the room: socks in the drawer, toys in the box… you can teach your toddler a lot about directions, places, colors….etc.

  3- Coloring: by many ways!

         - Mixing colors.

        - Coloring with cars wheels.

        - Coloring with hands prints, or foot prints..

  4- Playing with balls: this will increase their motor skills a lot:

        - Start with throwing balls to each others.

        - Teach them how to kick the ball with his foot (no hands).

        - Try to throw the ball into the basket (pick a huge one, this skill is hard to learn).

There are always a lot of ideas about activities for 2 year olds, in addition to home working in which they will have a lot of fun, backing together, cleaning windows, sorting Laundry, setting the Table… you can share him all that just to teach him motor skills. It will be easier if you already have kitchen sets or washing sets…

The age of 2 is a very interesting age, it's the age in which toddler can have the most amount of information you can give him, but only if it was in a fun full way. So, get your self ready, and start to practice some activities for 2 year olds.

Activities for 2 year olds