Indoor activities for preschoolers

Indoor activities for preschoolers
Indoor activities for preschoolers
Indoor activities for preschoolers are very important for their bodies, preschool movement activities keep preschoolers bodies strong and ensure them healthy development. Especially at winter, where they have to stay indoors. That will make movement activities for preschoolers very difficult to play because of us, we keep telling them not to run indoors. they can always do indoor activities for preschoolers online, which will help them develop their mental skills without any doubt. But preschoolers can't spend all their time just sitting without running or jumping around. So, here are some ideas of indoor activities for preschoolers can be useful at home and used by parents, or as preschool movement activities:

1-the leader's orders: one of the joyful indoor activities for preschoolers:

One person gives orders of directions such as “run to the couch, touch the chair, crawl under the table, around the bed three times, and come back,” (for preschools they can be easier "to the table, around the desk…etc.") very useful not only as preschool movement activities, but for learning about places and directions.

2-Hit the Balloon: one of the favorite movement activities for preschoolers:

Preschoolers love balloons, inflate several balloons of several colors and shapes and throw them up. there are many preschool movement activities by balloons, you can see who is going to keep the balloon up for the longest time, who's going to hit the red balloon, the tall one, or whose balloon will not hit the ground.

3-I spy: one of the exciting preschool movement activities

Bring a flashlight, and give it to one of the preschoolers, switch the lights off, and ask the child to spotlight on some object, such as a teddy bear! and let him find it. Name various things, you can also give just a mark or a clue (not to name the object) and let preschoolers guess what it is. There will be many exciting ideas by flashlights to be movement activities for preschoolers.

4-Cardboard box creations in preschool movement activities

All preschoolers can be creative by using a cardboard box! Try to give them one, they will start climbing into it, using it like a racing car, flying to the moon by it, or use it like a treasure box! They can use it like a hideout, or a doll's house. Ideas never end when we attempt to use Cardboard box in movement activities for preschoolers.

5-Pick it with your Toe:

It's warm inside, and there is no need to shoes and socks! Let's fetch some small objects (coins, old keys, small toys...) and try to pick them up with our toes and put them in a pail. Make it more challenging, ask preschoolers to divide into groups and let each group pick up objects in certain color, or shape. this is one of the simplest and funniest movement activities for preschoolers.

There are always more ideas of preschool movement activities and indoor activities for preschoolers. Colors, puzzles, blocks… they are endless and all are joyful for preschoolers. We have only to think out of the box (exactly like preschoolers do), to make and create more indoor activities for preschoolers.