Role of play in child development

Role of play in child development
Role of play in child development

All the creatures in the universe practice playing, small dogs love to chase their tails, small kitties love to play with wool balls. Play is very important for all the creatures in every age, it has the biggest role in growing up, research show that it's essential to ensure children reach their full skills and abilities in life, researchers believe that brain connections develop during periods of play. Parents don't always understand the importance of play in their children's life, so the challenge today is to stop wasting our children's time, and use some more positive effecting activities along their life.

For our children it seems like there is no more positive activity than play. So our role is to introduce our "positive effecting activity" as a very worth game to play with, We shouldn't forget that our children are very intrested in games like video games or flash cards, we should offer them an educational computer games or dancing lessons in the lovely frame they want to see, and while we are choosing and introducing this games we should take into account the following points:

-Children love playing because in their play they are the responsible, they are the one who is "in charge", in their real life they play the small and powerless role, we always tell them what to do, and how to do it. but Without us around, they will run their own show!

-Play helps children learn about the world in which they live. helps them to investigate and discover, form their own theories, make relationships, experiment and explore causes and results, play family and societal roles and know the value of each of them. That is why the play is important for children's development, there's no area of their life about which it can't teach them something.

-Play builds self-confidence. Children will often play at something they are sure they can do well, at which they can be successful.

-Play builds social skills. play will begin with toys and blocks but it's not going to end like that, that will be just a practising for their interactive skills. then they will play with other children which is going to build in them many social skills like sharing, taking turns, asserting themselves and even empathising with others.

-Playing with parents has also a very big role, researchers believe that children whose parents play with them develop social skills even better than their counterparts at the end.

-Play also helps children to deal or even overcome their feelings. they will be able to come through difficult or unpleasant emotions. For an example children who are scared of going to the doctor's clinic, can deal with their worry by setting up a clinic for their sick dolls.

-Play helps developing communication skills such as language. because they will need many numbers of words during play, many of them will be in use over and over, which is going to enhance their language skills.

-Play helps children to Precede their age. their imagination will turn them into adults such as doctors, teachers, farmers, or especially moms and dads.

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Finally, don't forget to take in count the importance of play in stretching your child's creativity and imagination, so don't limit them with yours, allow them to think loud, and try to share them their imagination and creation.