Nature in child development

Early Childhood - from birth to age eight:
This is the most stage in which children develop their psychology and actually skills and abilities. their size and weight will increase Incredibly from their birth to their third year. the head of the baby consists of a one fourth of the complete body length, but this will change as the baby is growing up untill they look like little grownups at 3 to 8.

Childhood from ages 8 to 12:
In this age development will become a little more stable and slow, but at the start of the adolescence by 12, new body changes is going to appear. these changes differ from person to other. Some start at 9 while others wait this changes until 12. but females start earlier in the most.

Adolescence stage from ages 12 to 18:
The hormone development that happens during this stage, causes another fast level of kids developing, During it a kid can grow up to 4 to 7 inches in size and about ten pounds in weight per season.

Emotional Developing
From their birth children start to develop their social-emotional skills. and after their first year they will be already have learned to appreciat the others around. From 5 to 8 years old, children need to know that they are loved more than ever, so they would be able to make relationships and form bonds with the others that will last them a lifetime.

Childhood: after a short time, children will be able to go out into their own society, which is school at the beginning, they will actually practice socializing and develop their own skills, by picking and choosing who they want to form relationships with. At this time they will be also sensitive to the relationships that they form. If they are positive relationships then children will feel secure and comfortable. but if the relationships are negative that can reflect on them throughout their lifetime.

Teenage Years are the most important years in the children's development of skills because in these years everything they have learned is finalized. They are also easily influenced by others in their life. They will be old enough to decide who to love and who to trust.

Intellectual Developing
At birth, there is a level of intellect that all children must have before they can increase their knowledge and develop completely. Once they control their ability to learn they will fast discover that it is something that can increase their abilities.

Once the children are out of the baby level into life they will develop rapidly, everything they play is an exercise. Songs will actually be learning songs, activities teach them everything they need to know in order to get into school.

By the time children in their teenage years can begin to create a long term learning base filled with sense solutions to help them manage on their own in life.