Importance of play in child development

Our children are not only the reason of happiness in our life, they are also the reason of us being scared and terrified all time, about how could we let them have all their necessities such as feeding them, shelter them, and not the end make sure they are growing in a very appropriate environment, that makes them contributing member of society.
There are many things we should make sure of, so we can achieve this skills development in our children.

Importance of play in child's well-being development 
During taking care of our children's well-being, we are (at the same time) rearing a self confident child, which will be naturally a happy and a healthy child.
Playing has the biggest importance in the way to achieve this, so we have to take care of our children's toys, and we must choose them very carefully considering how they will be used, and their effects on the various development areas. Children use toys to learn about their surroundings. They succeed by discovering what will or not work and this influences their self-confidence and well-being at the end.

Importance of play in child's identity and belonging development 
Our sense of identity and belonging is a part of our personality. so we have to make sure of this sense's exist in our child. They need this sense so they will be able to play a big importance in the society they communicate with. and they will be able to offer this society including their family some useful things in their future. if this sense hadn't been taking care of, children may develop a distorted sense of self. This will appear as a disruptive behaviours that have a negative impact on their personal world. A sense of family togetherness and social skills is fostered with family interaction toys such as board games, playing dress up and sports activities.

Importance of play in child's communication skills development 
In every 10 children there is 1 child which has problems in his communication skills, these skills include speech and language. if these skills was affected, children will never be able to use their full powers. if communication's problems was early diagnosed, an early proper aid should be offered and put into place to ensure that they can overcome these obstacles and reach their full potential.
Playing with our children has the most importance, and is the most important thing we can do to help them develop their language and communication skills. Toys are very important as a way of starting the interaction. No matter what age your child is, make sure the toys involve an interaction.

Importance of play in child's exploring and thinking skills development 
Children use their senses, their minds and bodies, In order to understand and figure out of what they see, feel and experience in the world around them. They collect their information and develop their skills, which enable them to form ideas and theories and test these out. Interacting with people arround them, and exploration of their surroundings makes them unite these ideas. Play is one of the ways that allow children to be creative, to take risks, and to make discoveries. As they learn more their ideas and theories are adjusted to take on more discoveries and new experiences.

Toys have the biggest importance of play in child development, and as much as they practice playing, they will be able to look and explore the world around them. so we have to choose their toys very carefully and pic up toys that are best suited and which are multi-faceted in assisting children to grow in an environment of love, wonderment, and discovery.