What is imaginative play

Children in their imaginative play, pretend to be another persons. so our turn is to encourage their imagination in order to help them enjoy and develop at the same time. but first of all we should know what and how to encourage children's skills!

Before we think of planning suitable imaginative play for our children, we should think about how we can encourage them to communicate, there are many points we should pay attention during our children's imaginative play so we must have the ability of listening to what they are saying (to us or to each others), looking carefully at them and trying to understand their communication through body language, such as their head's movements or their smiling, we must also talk to them, being talked to and talking with us or other people is very helpful to develop their communication skills, Writing and drawing is helpful too, especially for younger children, provide examples of signs useing papers and pencils will encourage them to communicate by putting marks on paper.

We can also lead their imagination in the imagination play (not in the negative meaning but in the encouraging one) by many things, such as reading books and stories, playing with sand or water, drawing pictures and painting, building with blocks or puzzles, and playing with dolls.
By the way, there is a very joyful instrument of imaginative play which is the hat, by offering our children a box of various hats they will be able to pretend many different characters.

The most lovely imaginative play for our children is creating a home corner, so we must help them in that and encourage them, we must help them in setting this corner and make it educational and full of adventures, so how about providing them with some various clothes and hats, some pillows as a furniture, a kitchen set will be great so they will be able to cook you some meals!!

It would be more better if we make the furniture reflect a multi-cultural society, that will help our children to recognise, understand and value the differences between them, we can help them in that by pretending a travel to some where!
Clothes also are very helpful if we make it various (polis, doctors, engineering...).

But first of all we should remember that safety comes first, so we should make sure that all the objects in ourcorner are safe to use by children. we should check them regularly before our allow children to use, and should be repaired or replaced when necessary (you can read ore about that in play imagination)
we should also pay attention to the rough or sharp edges, beads and necklaces should be safely strung and not made from materials such as seeds or glass that could be swallowed easily.