Indoor active games

Indoor active games
Indoor active games

The freezing winter days may cause our children boring. Trapped in the home, they desire a hotter time when they can run and play with unlimited energy beyond the house. And when they go to their school classrooms, immediately after days of being cooped up at home, they will be in a very fidgety case. So we must learn How to play with preschoolers and use their pure energy with some indoor active games that will let kids play just like they always have to be, and here are some:

1- Egg-Carton Memory

you may need an egg cartoon and some small objects or tiny toys, egg cartons are normal treasure containers. They can be used in many indoor active games, for example paint containers, build products, and much more! At this game, an egg carton can be used in a many different ways. Fill up each one of the places with one of the objects, then let your child get a full sight for them. Then shut the carton and let him note down what was within. For more simple type, only close the carton, let him close his eyes, then remove one of the objects. When he opens his eyes, see if he can uncover what is missing. Or you can switch two items, and let him guess.

2- Read Together

The most useful and common active of the indoor active games. Just sit on the sofa with your child and a suitable book for him. According to all the children education search, all children (even from being infants) love listening to stories, and from their first year old they start to understand the words you're saying. But for those who are older, you can play with them during reading. Choose a word that you know it going to be repeated many times in the story ("beast," for instance, if you're reading Beauty and the beast) and let your kid jump each time it comes.

3- Create a Maze

Does that look familiar? Transforming the living room into a baby labyrinth is one of the most loved indoor active games for children. kids love to Arrange all sofa pillows and chairs like jungle houses or tunnels. Help them with some blankets and bed-sheets over the pillows, like a camp or a castle, and let your brave explorers to discover how to get out of the jungle!

4- Balloon volley ball

Volley ball generally needs several players. But you don't have to play this model now. The full fun on this active game is that your child will play all sides. Inflate a balloon, imagine that the sofa or even a chair is the center-line, and let your child run forward and backward to hit the balloon just before it gets to the land. see if he can keep it up for twenty one turns, the standard winning score in the real volley ball.

5- Indoor picnic

This game is very suitable for small kids and preschoolers, and it's one of their favorite indoor active games, because imagine play is the most important active game for this age. You can Invite all teddies and dolls to this special indoor picnic. Children can design the invitations themselves, set sheets on the ground and make some dishes out of papers and cartoon if we don't have kitchen set already. We can even let them help us in preparing some special sandwiches and cookies for the trip, Songs are very essential in this game.

6- Play some body games

Let the kids sit on to the floor and move a ball around their bodies using one hand and then the other. Challenge them to do the same activity while they are in a kneeling position. You can see how is the length they are able to reach. Give every player a piece of chalk and let them stand with separated legs on a large sheet. challenge the kids to draw the largest circle possible without falling down. looks easy till you try it!

There are always more ideas and more preschool active games, children must not stop playing. If you ask why do children need toys and games or what is play in early childhood, the answer is: because it is their job, and the only way they can develop their skills with.

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