How to deal with stubborn kids

How to deal with stubborn kids
How to deal with stubborn kids 

Learning how to deal with stubborn kids is very important for all parent and according to all childhood education search. Stubbornness is very common between young kids and even older ones, and mothers and fathers require incredible skills to know how to deal with stubborn kids. to deal with stubborn kids with out breaking them down is an extremely delicate job.

Stubborn kids are not intending to do abnormal behaviors, they just feel realizing mistakes. Stubborn kids excessively undergo anxiety and pressure as well. (you can also see Anxiety in preschoolers and Children and depression). they just don't know exactly how is the right method to set themselves free of this anxiety and depression in a right and positive way. Growing to be a stubborn child is often a wrongly learned how to deal with tensed situations. If we don't teach how to control the Emotional regulation skills for children correctly, being stubborn will possibly turn out to be an individual and continuing style. Yet realizing this personality feature in stubborn kids earlier is important and having them free of it is essential.
 Every time stubborn kids act madly and don't cooperate with positive solutions in pressure situations, parents must take additional proper care to show the child how bad are the results of being stubborn. Dealing angrily with an angry child is destructive because kids will discover that this is the best method of exhibiting their dislikes and upsetness. Just notice that the internal battles inside the child are the responsible of his angry and stubborn behavior. There are many ways to quiet stubborn kids down when they act madly or take any of this patterns of behaviors.

Can we change this stubbornness instead of learning how to deal with stubborn kids?
And to rephrase, "can we deal with stubborn kids even if they have a very strong will about their demands?" We wish the answer to be yes, but that's up to us, if we notice that this stubbornness is not their fault, it's ours! and even if it wasn't, there must be something good about being stubborn, we just don't have a close look!
persistence: stubborn kids will never let an uncompleted mission, remember, they are stubborn.
No one can bully them: well, do you think stubborn kids won't give up only with their parents? of course not..
Survival: Simply, stubborn kids are very strong willed. 
So if we know how to deal with stubborn kids, without breaking them down, and without even trying to change them, that will be the secret of winning the battle!

Small rules in how to deal with stubborn kids
The specialist of childhood education assure that Many moms and dads are the first cause of making their kids stubborn. So here are some thoughts about how to act when a kid gets stubborn:
  • Don't force kids to follow all the instruction, giving them a space will be great in smoothing their stubbornness, so we can pass simple situation of stubbornness as long as it wasn't harmful.  
  • kids time must be filled with many preschool active games, or any kind of activities that is suitable for their age, or they will get stubborn for the simplest things.
  • Discussing and listening (which is more important) are very useful with older kids, that make them feel we are really in their side.
  • Setting an order in the house, which runs on every single member in it, this gives the order some kind of sanctity, kids will feel that you are just like them and will never fight you.
  • Applying punishment is very important, but be careful, punishment shouldn't be very hard that push kids into more stubbornness, or too soft that will never stop them of disobeying.
  • Don't give them orders you know they will disobey, why would you go into that at the first place? this will learn them exactly how to be stubborn.
  • Our word have the biggest effect upon our kids, so we must be careful about what we say about them, especially in front of other kids. A sentence like: "your cousin isn't stubborn as much as you" would plant stubbornness even deeper.
  • rewarding kids for good behaviors (especially in front of others) have also a very big effect upon our kids behavior.
At last, we must be sure that dealing with stubborn kids is not easy, but it is possible. It just need us to be wise, patient, and even stubborn sometimes and never give up.