Early hood child development

the development of children had been studied by many professionals and researchers just to put a guideline that can be followed by every parent, teacher, and preschool taker in how a child is developing.

the characteristics of our little children begin befor their birth, and then they continue to develop through the early childhood. children go through many different early childhood development levels before they become adults. start with recognizing mum and dad and never end with going to school by their selves, every level in a child's life is one that you can almost figure out when it will occur.

First of all, children develop their skills of talking and speaking in order to communicate with the loved ones around them. this will appear clearly when they express pain by crying, or even for hunger. some children cry so they can be held. during that they are developing their verbal skills. so they learn more sounds and they will try by these sounds to get attention. Before we even notice, our children will be able to form words in order to talk and communicate with others around them.

children also develop (at the same time) Another skills such as recognizing objects, shapes, and colors. At the begining these skills will seem to be have no sense, but they develop to be more recognizable the more they use these skills.

A child of two years old can walk and can make different phrases and sentences, and he can also make some decisions, and we will notice him using his skills of creation while he is playing. At this age children also have developed very high socialization skills. these skills will decide how well children will get along with others.

When children go to school they must be able to be independent, and be able to dress themselves, feed themselves, take care of their selves, and think very well about things before they do something. If not, they have to learn that every action has a reaction and a result. They must be able to start school which will make them a part of the society that educates and socializes.

any child doesn't integrate with every different level of his early childhood development levels or if he is a little late in developmental levels, then the parent must take a special care of this child, and make a routine visit with a pediatrician. Sometimes the doctor may make more tests to be sure that the brain is responding to the growth as it should. or he may only tell the parents to wait and see how everything goes for a certain amount at its time. the severity of the child's condition will need to be determined before treatment or waiting is decided.