Development during childhood

Childhood and preschool education
During early childhood it is very essentially for preschoolers to have a good education. cause that will help to develop all their mind skills which is necessary for their whole life to be developed just during their childhood. Research show that one of the certain reasons for being unable to think right and take all the conditions and situations in count is a lack of education activities in their early childhood years. The simplest condition to make good decisions is to look beyond the immediate situation, this skill will develop and regulate only during the childhood years. any lack of this ability will surely affect the decisions in the future. and will also affect other people around them because of their unthinking behaviors. Education in preschool help develop logical thinking skills that will be used in many situations in adulthood.

the difference between educating young children and those who are a little older
Obviously, teaching small children is very different from teaching older ones, Many people don't understand how their children think, so they feel frustrated when they can't communicate with them. The reason of this is that little children have not yet developed their skills and abilities of connections and haven't yet organize their thoughts to use them with the people around. Older children have already developed these abilities because they have experienced many things and also developed their language. They have understood how one thing affects another. This is why early childhood education has to be taught differently from children of other ages.

Childhood education starts with the tangible objects
We have talked about developing the ability of thinking and understanding beyond the immediate situation. This ability should be based and started to develop in preschool. Children do not understand things like adults do. so we have to start teaching them that with concrete thing so they will learn how to relate things together. When children play with various objects their thinking is stimulated, they will be able to understand causes and reasons, actions and results.... preschool activities also stimulate various abilities and skills such as creativity and imagination.

Is the strategy based on giving "Lectures" a good one for teaching preschool kids?
Small children's attention span is very short, so they will have no benefit from lectures.
in addition to that, they haven't yet developed their language to be able to accompany a long time. Traditional classes which force the child to sit and listen a long time have a very negative effect for children in their early developmental childhood. Ofcourse there must be time to explain and teach things but it definitely can not take more than 15 minutes when children are very young.

Using learning activities is essential for early childhood development.
Positive and fun learning activities are great way to develop thinking skills and other abilities in children. So, choosing the educational games and toys for our children is a very essential thing especially during their early childhood.

We can adapt our ways of teaching to the preschool age just by understanding how small children think. and we can achieve much more in the developmental growth of preschool children.