Blocks activities for preschoolers

Blocks activities for preschoolers
Playing together close us to those who we love. You know the adage "The family that plays together, stays together." Preschool age is the best time to develop bonds with your kids by playing. the time which is before they go to shool, spending their most time at  home, before they make friends. Take this advantage during they are passing years to spend special time with them by playing.

 Playing with your preschoolers is not a chore for you, it should be a joyful time. let the houseworks go, turn the TV and internet  off, and play and learn with your preschoolers. Playing together can provide you and him many teachable moments. You will know your child's personality deeper and will be able to learn cues to your child's interests and strengths.

One of the simplest toys that you can play with together is wooden blocks. Preschoolers Adore building and exploring and playing with blocks. They quickly develop their skills to handle blocks and increase their imagination. Playing of the preschoolers with their parents with wooden blocks will help them get more educational benefits from their toys. blocks naturally will encourage their math and science skills like counting, grouping, and shapes recognizing. Parents can help their preschoolers learn other concepts that even more difficult such as correspond when they make the child balance a structure. they can learn them causes and effects when that same structure falls. kids love creation and parent's suggestions can increase child's creative abilities. For example: If they are building a house you can suggest adding a garden. The child may then build on this idea and soon there is a whole neighborhood complete with stores, schools and maybe a zoo. Remember to not discourage any of their ideas by trying to make them build things realistically. Let their imaginations make it interesting.
Here are some activities for you and your preschoolers using a good old-fashioned set of wooden blocks.
1-Make the blocks to a story.
The parents can read their preschoolers a story. Then let them build the blocks for that story. Such as building Rapunzel's tower or the peter pan's pirate ship. to add alittle more details you can go back and reread parts of the story. Ask your preshoolers questions like, "What do you think the wicked witch's castle looked like?" You could add action characters, dolls or stuffed animals and act out the story when you are done. This activities will make them interested in reading, aid language development, and improve their attentions to detail and memory in addition to all the creativity it involves.
2- build a maze with blocks.
The maze can be made out of equivalent blocks about 2 inches for each. Have the maze go any direction you want and be as long or big as the preschoolers want to create. Now get a small ball and put it in the beginning of the maze and let the child blow the ball through the maze. You can use a chaff. Take turns with them. See who can get the ball the farthest through the maze without stucking it. Ask them "What would happen if we were to change this part of the maze?" Experiment and see. This activities will make them happy and they will ask you to do it over and over.
3-building your home with blocks.
Let the child tell you how many rooms are in your home and what are they. Let him start to build one room first. Then ask him what's another room in our house. Let him add that room. You can ask questions like "Is your bedroom bigger than the kitchen?" Let him make his rooms whatever size he chooses. At this age, children will often make the most important object to him the largest. For example, he may want the toy room or his bedroom to be much larger than the kitchen. This could be a teachable moment. then ask "What room comes next?" Again they may arrange rooms in their own order. When you have all the rooms built you can add the furniture. Add his bed, the kitchen table, the piano or even his toys. Add some little plastic people to complete the home.
4-Build with music
Put on some music, maybe the child's favorite song. make a race of who can build the highest tower from blocks before the music stops. Replay the song and now build a tower together by the end of the song. Next replay the song and see if you can connect the two towers.
5-making Block shadows
Have the child lie on the floor and place blocks in an outline around them. Then help them up and let them see their "block shadow". Next let them make your block shadow. Try it again having them put their arms in a different position.
These are just a few of the fun activities you can do by building blocks for preschoolers. A wooden block set is a perfect toy for a 3 or 4 year old child. Building with wooden blocks is an enjoyable activity for both parent and their children and can be much more than just puting one block above the other. So turn your TV off and get down on the floor for a fun afternoon with your preschoolers.

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