Block ideas for preschoolers

Building with blocks is the most loved activities for the preschoolers! since our infant was born, and we were gifted with a nice set of block, all our kids has wanted to do is playing with blocks! Here are some of the fun ideas to play with block, Do your kids enjoy blocks? What is the favorite thing the preschoolers love to do with block?

1-See who can build the tallest tower. Generally preschoolers favorite part, isn’t the actual building of the tower or seeing if they win. They love to see how really big their tower is.

2-The game of plus and minus. In this game your child will hand you a number of blocks and you will count them and build a block tower. Then when he asks you for one of the pieces from your own block tower (as he’s building his own) you will recount when blocks are added/subtracted from yours.

3-Musical Instruments. There are a number of ways you can make music with a block. You can bang blocks together, stir them in a metal pot, shake them, etc. many ideas the preschoolers can think in this activity because of the big love of the preschoolers for noise!!!

4-Spelling with alphabet blocks, preschoolers will love spelling if we tell them to read the letter on the block, they even may develop more ideas by making simple words instead of a letter on one block!!

5-Make them build their tower on a cutting board and shake it to make it fall. Then you can ask him: "can your tower stand up with the earthquake emulation?

6-Put all like pieces in groups. Preschoolers just love sorting. You can make many ideas of that, yellow blocks together, big ones together, blocks with the same shap together, etc… then you can ask him to compare piles. Which one is bigger?

7-Throwing the blocks, preschoolers love to throw things, and it would be a fun way to add some spark to your cleaning routine. Everything gets in its place faster when it is thrown.

8-Blueprints and Pattern Recreation, in this game parents suggest ideas such as Mom or someone creates the block house and then their preschoolers have to recreate the same house.

9-Pull a block out… Can you pull a block out of your tower without knocking it over? How can you build your tower to withstand having pieces removed? This game will really increase your child's creation abilities.

10-Create a simple photo puzzle. You can printe different photos and then cut them into pieces, then glue a piece of each photo into a collection of blocks to create a rotating puzzle.

11-Pretend play. Try incorporating other items and toys into your block play. With a truck you can be a construction worker creating a road, with dolls, the blocks can create the castle where the princess lives, etc.

There are many more ideas, if you just make time for your preshcoolers and let them Express their imagination, this would be joyful and funny for both you and your child.

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